Residents at Wren Retirement Living care homes enjoying digital activities via Oomph On Demand.

Boosting the Wellbeing of Care Home Residents with Oomph!

At Wren Retirement Living we are proud to have partnered with Oomph! Wellness to enhance the wellbeing of our care home residents. 

All of our care homes have a dedicated activities coordinator running an engaging and varied wellbeing programme each week. Under normal circumstances, our homes would be abuzz with fitness instructors, entertainers, pet therapy professionals and community groups.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has meant that those activities have not been able to go ahead in their usual form. We have had to innovate using technology to ensure our residents keep active, virtually in touch and entertained.

During the first lockdown of 2020, the Oomph! team set about answering some of the new challenges faced by care homes, launching their interactive digital activities platform Oomph On Demand.

The platform features a wealth of digital wellbeing content tailored to enhance the mind, body and soul of care home residents, particularly during difficult lockdown periods.

Keep Active And Entertained Whenever You Wish

From live-streamed exercise classes to history videos, interactive quizzes to musicians, we’re confident our residents will find plenty to appeal to their interests, whenever they feel like it.

The Oomph On Demand platform can be accessed on a variety of devices. Including our giant activity tables, smart TVs, tablets and even residents’ own devices at their leisure.

Following training sessions with the Oomph On Demand team, our activity coordinators can now host group sessions via the platform, help residents engage in individual puzzles and quizzes and access Oomph!’s vast library of training and resources to assist with their programmes.

An Exciting Addition

Lynn Fearn, managing director of Wren Retirement Living, said: “The Oomph On Demand platform is an exciting addition to our extensive activity plans for the homes. Also, it helps us to encourage our residents to engage with technology more effectively.

“At a time when inviting people into our homes such as intergenerational groups, dance teachers or entertainers is not possible, these on-demand activities will help in keeping our residents stimulated and active. Our homes are usually a hive of activity. So it is important that we look at every way we can to continue to enrich the lives of our residents at this time.”

Ben Allen, chief executive of Oomph Wellness, said: “I am delighted that Oomph! will be partnering with Wren Retirement Living on the launch of our new digital wellbeing platform – Oomph! On Demand. Oomph! On Demand provides a wide range of expertly created wellbeing content all in one easy to navigate platform. I am so pleased we can offer this resource to care teams and residents at Wren Retirement Living homes, that will enhance meaningful engagement 7 days a week.”

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