Keeping Residents Safe and Reuniting Families

Welcome to our new series of video updates! Twice a month, we will bring you new episodes of ‘Featherton House Cares’ to share exciting news from our beautiful care home in Deddington, Oxfordshire. We know how important it is to find the right care home, so we will also help you answer some of the questions you may have when searching for care.

In these videos, you will get to have a look around our stunning Georgian building and meet the people that make Featherton House such a warm and caring place to live. We hope that you will get a real feel for our family-orientated home and an insight into daily life for our residents and the things they love most about Featherton House.

Safe Outside Visits

In the first episode of ‘Featherton House Cares,’ you will see how we have been safely reuniting our residents with their relatives. After 3 long months apart, we have seen some incredibly heartwarming reunions in our outside visiting area. This video will explain how these safe outside visits work and set out the strict infection control measures we have implemented to keep everyone safe.

Meet Our New Interim Manager

You will also get to meet our new interim manager, Agi Rygala, who brings a wealth of experience to the role. Agi has already been asking the Featherton House residents what new things they would like to experience, and they have not disappointed! Agi will share some of the excellent suggestions that the team will be making happen over the coming weeks. One of which will be quite a challenge!

How Are Care Homes Keeping Residents Safe?

We know that one of the big questions you may have in mind is “how are care homes keeping residents safe during the coronavirus pandemic?” In this video, Agi, our interim manager, will give you a full explanation of the robust infection control measures and procedures that have protected our residents and staff during this difficult time.

We hope that you enjoy watching our video!

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