Local artist Tanya Hinton with her bird art creation on the entrance to Wren House Care Home. With resident Pauline Taylor and staff member Justine Hicks.

Warminster’s Banksy Brings Charming Bird Art to Wren House

Wren House Care Home in Warminster now has an artistic representation of its namesake at the entrance.

The artwork, comprising two wrens, has been designed by Tanya Hilton, who is the creative talent behind the Secret Bird Art of Warminster project, which aims to brighten up the town with avian artwork.

Tanya’s stunning creations, mainly on dilapidated and abandoned buildings, caught the attention of residents and staff at Wren House.

They thought a painting of wrens would be a wonderful, and appropriate addition, to the home’s entrance.

This prompted them to contact Tanya about the possibility of her doing some artwork for the home, which is part of Wren Retirement Living, provides residential care, including respite care.

The entrance to Wren House now is adorned by an eye-catching canvas by Tanya, featuring two beautifully painted wrens, which has been much-admired by residents, staff and guests.

A Delight for All

Pauline Taylor, a resident of the Warminster care home, said: “Tanya is a very talented painter.  The wrens are so realistic and look like they are talking to each other – you almost forget they aren’t real. It really puts a smile on my face when I see them.”

Tanya said: “I started painting small birds just to brighten up the town. They may only be small paintings, but so many people have told me how much they admire them. If they brighten someone’s day, then I’m happy.

“I’ve painted many birds from magpies to pheasants, so it was only fitting that Wren House needed to have a wren and because they are social birds who enjoy singing together, I had to paint two!”

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