A Show-Stopping New Look and How Do You Find the Perfect Care Home?

In the 4th episode of our ‘Featherton House Cares’ video series, we continue to use our expert knowledge to help you with your search for care. This edition also takes you behind the scenes of our 17th Century care home in Deddington, North Oxfordshire, giving you an inside look at how we look after the health and wellbeing of our residents.

You will see how we have given both the inside and outside of our home a summer makeover, and discover the delicious and nutritious home-cooking for which our home has become renowned. You will also get to meet some of our brilliant care team and hear about their most fun moments at Featherton House.

Improving Our Beautiful Care Home

Although our major refurbishment project has now finished, we have been adding some finishing touches to Featherton House. The living areas have had something of a makeover with brand new armchairs and sofas, specifically designed with the health and comfort of our residents in mind. As well as getting a first look ar our new furniture, you’ll get to see our Gardening Club spring into action. Now that our accessible garden area is complete, the first batch of plants has arrived. This led to a lovely afternoon of planting!

How Do You Find the Perfect Care Home?

In our previous videos, we helped you understand the different care options available, the different types of care home and the different needs they cater for. In this video, Agi Rygala, our interim Home Manager, will give you tips to ensure you find the perfect care home for you. Agi will talk you through some of the most important things to consider when choosing a care home.

Delicious Home Cooking

Join us on a food journey into the very heart of Featherton House, the kitchen! Sue from our kitchen team will take you behind the scenes of the delicious and nutritious home-cooking for which our North Oxfordshire care home has become renowned. You’ll learn how we manage the health and dietary needs of our residents while ensuring mealtimes are a restaurant-quality, yet homely experience for all. Sue will explain what makes the dining experience at Featherton House so special and how we have been exploring flavours from around the world.

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