Keeping Residents Active and Virtual Tours

Welcome to another look inside our beautiful village centre care home in Deddington, near Banbury. The 5th episode in our ‘Featherton House Cares’ series continues to explore our historic home. It will also introduce you to the people that make it such a wonderful place to live.

This time we turn our expertise to helping you understand the things that residents get to enjoy when living in a care home and how we keep residents active. You will also discover how we have been using technology to overcome some of the challenges of visiting restrictions.

Maintaining Active Lives

At Featherton House, we help our residents to maintain the level of independence they are most comfortable with. Keeping residents active plays a big part in achieving this goal. In this episode, interim manager Agi Rygala discusses the importance of exercise for care home residents with our deputy manager Rachel Freeman. Here you will learn about the main benefits, which exercises work well, and how we include all levels of ability.

Featherton House Goes Virtual

Although we can welcome relatives to meet loved ones in our safe outside visiting area, we are still not able to allow visitors into our home. We appreciate that this is difficult when you are searching for the perfect care home. This video will explain how technology has helped overcome this problem. Creating a safe way for you to look around the inside of our care home.

History Solves Problems

Conversely, through our extensive refurbishment programme, we have found that a historic feature of Featherton House has solved another problem presented by the coronavirus pandemic. Wren Retirement Living’s group estates manager John Barker will explain how this striking feature has helped us to reunite loved ones.

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