Wren House resident Pauline Taylor holding the Wren House book.

Warminster Care Home Residents Create Their Own Lockdown Book

During the first lockdown, staff and residents at Warminster-based care home Wren House kept themselves very busy. So much so that they have decided to document their activities in their very own book.

The hardback book, ‘Lockdown at Wren House’, contains pictures and write-ups about all of the things the home got up to during lockdown. This includes weekly claps for carers, lots of donations from local businesses and a variety of activities. The book is available for family members to purchase if they wish, so they too can share the wonderful memories that Wren House residents made together during the UK’s first lockdown period.

One of the activity days which residents particularly enjoyed was VE Day. The home planned a day filled with celebrations for the residents and everyone took part in themed activities, as well as sharing stories of times gone by with each other.

Maintaining Virtual Contact

Facetiming family members has been also a key part of residents’ days. Staff members ensured residents were able to keep in touch with their families as much as possible. Another staple in Wren House’s timetable has been weekly exercise classes, making sure residents could stay on top of their fitness and not feel guilty for indulging in the tasty treats donated by kind-hearted local firms.

Domino’s Pizza was one of the businesses which treated everyone at Wren House, by sending delicious pizzas, which the home turned into a Pimms and pizza party!

One of the residents at Wren House, Pauline Taylor, said: “Lockdown was a strange time for us all, and it will certainly go down in history. While I am saddened by the losses that families have faced across the world, I’m pleased that I have been able to make some wonderful memories with my Wren House family.

“The book is fantastic, and it will be a great way for us to remember this crazy time in years to come.”

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