Members of the care team at Wren House Care Home with their golden tickets and prizes.

Warminster Care Team Hunt for Golden Tickets

A Warminster care team have been searching high and low for special golden tickets at their care home.

The team at Wren House on Vicarage Street have been discovering the tickets all over the home as they have been going about their daily tasks. After nearly 12 months of the coronavirus pandemic, and going above and beyond to keep their residents safe, the management decided to give the care team a well-deserved boost.

For three days in a row, Wren House team members continued to be delighted as golden tickets appeared while carrying out their jobs. Each ticket entitled the lucky winner to a prize designed to enhance wellbeing. Prizes included everything from beauty products to chocolate and wine to motivational keepsakes.

The Wren House residents have been playing along too, excited to find out who would win next and throwing in a few red herrings along the way!

A Wonderful Buzz Amongst the Team

Lynnette Boon, home manager of Wren House, said: “The idea came to me after I stumbled across Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Netflix one weekend. I thought that the golden ticket idea would be perfect to create a wonderful buzz amongst the staff. Also, it seemed the perfect opportunity to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication in keeping our residents safe during a very difficult year.”

“The team were really excited and couldn’t wait to find the next ticket. They kept asking for clues, but I gave nothing away!”

To ensure the contest fitted in with infection control procedures, the tickets were laminated and cleaned between each contact.

Wren House’s golden ticket hunt has been so well received it will now run once each week.

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