Westerham Place Care Home resident Joan Collier on her 100th birthday with her daughter Carolyn Guiness

Westerham Place Care Home Hosts Happy 100th

Westerham Place Care Home has marked one of its resident’s 100th birthdays with a royal greeting and a special visit.

Joan Collier, a resident of the care home in the Sevenoaks district of Kent, marked the special day with a small celebration at the home. Joan even had the chance to see her nominated visitor, daughter Carolyn Guiness. Joan and Carolyn enjoyed an afternoon tea celebration together in the home’s indoor visiting room to mark the occasion.

One of the most memorable parts of Joan’s birthday, and something she had been looking forward to for a while, was receiving her birthday card from the Queen. Later, Joan’s Westerham Place family all sang ‘happy birthday’ with one member of staff even dancing the cancan for her!

During her time at Westerham Place, Joan often shares stories with fellow residents and staff members about her life, and her wonderful husband, Jim. In 1949, Joan married Jim, whom she was married to for 49 years before he sadly passed away in 1998. Joan’s career was as a civil servant in Southport.

Joan has two children, son Roger and daughter Carolyn, who both describe her as a loving mother. Her wider family includes two grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

A Wonderful Time Celebrating

Joan said: “I’ve had such a wonderful time celebrating with the staff and my daughter at Westerham Place. This year was very different as I was unable to see lots of my family like I had hoped. The best part was being able to hold my daughter’s hand. I also loved receiving the telegram from the Queen.”

“I put my long life down to my strong genes, but also, red wine! I also love spending a lot of time with my family making memories, something that definitely keeps me going!”

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